Dylan Gordon
Dirty Snapshots

Dirty Snapshots
is the concept of photographer Dylan Gordon who wanted to bring the gritty rawness back to photographs of underground music and the clubs that showcase them.Dylan grew up running around in his father's studio with a host of photographers, artists, creative people and scammers it was only natural that they rub off on the impressionable young man. Throw in the punk and post punk music and it was just a matter of time before Dylan's own creative seeds started to bloom.

Dirty Snapshots was one of these seeds. Dylan thought that digital photography robbed something from raw emotions that underground music expressed. It was film that captured what digital was missing, and with access to ton of decaying old film - he went about photographing the underground from new old point of view.

Dirty Snapshots are just that: dirty, raw, filthy glimpses into this unique subculture.Each photo one can see the excitement of the musicians and audience, hear the music, smell the spilled beer and stale nicotine and most importantly see the
sense of urgency to get these photos out to the ever changing world. So much so,
sometimes you can see the chemicals still on the negatives. - Glen Gubernat